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Hazardous Materials

For purposes of environmental protection, laws and regulations governing management of hazardous materials must be respected. By definition, a hazardous material is any substance which, by reason of its properties, poses a threat to health or the environment and which, within the meaning of this law and attendant regulations, is explosive, gaseous, flammable, toxic, radioactive, corrosive, combustive or leachable, or any material or object that is deemed to be a hazardous material. The following references provide information about how businesses should manage hazardous materials, as well as the laws and regulations that govern this activity.

Reports and Statements

  • Production of the Annual Report or Statement

This page contains all the information and documents needed by firms required to produce an annual report or statement on the management of their residual hazardous materials under the Regulation respecting hazardous materials as well as the software program that was developed for this purpose.

  • Residual Hazardous Materials Management Report (French)


  • Guide of Good Practice for the Management of Used Vehicles (French)
  • Guide on the Reclamation of Non-Hazardous Inorganic Industrial Wastes as Construction Materials (French)

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