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Environmental halocarbon qualification

Environmental halocarbon qualification

All workers that use halocarbons or whose trade involves working with halocarbon-based equipment are required to hold a certificate of environmental halocarbon qualification. Employers are required to ensure that employees targeted by the Regulation hold a valid environmental qualification certificate that allows the worker to purchase halocarbons and install, maintain, modify, dismantle and/or refurbish designed or converted halocarbon-based equipment.

In order to receive environmental halocarbon qualification, workers in contact with halocarbons are required to receive training to acquire knowledge about :

  • the environmental impact of halocarbon emissions
  • Québec and federal laws and regulations on halocarbons
  • good practices (maintenance, appropriate halocarbon recovery and reuse equipment)

Due to their professional qualification expertise and knowledge of the client base targeted by the Regulation respecting halocarbons, the Ministère has partnered with the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) and Emploi-Québec. These two partners are charged with supervising training and issuing qualification certificates on behalf of the Ministère.

More information about environmental qualification, accredited courses and their cost and/or information on how to enrol is available on the Emploi-Québec and Commission de la construction du Québec websites.

You are:
  • A motor vehicle mechanic
  • A body shop, dent remover or parts recycler
  • Major appliance repairer
  • Fixed machine mechanic
  • Pipe fitter specializing in refrigeration
  • Pipe fitter specializing in sprinkler systems

You are:

  • Refrigeration technician

Go to the Emploi-Québec website or call 1-888-EMPLOIS.

Go to the Commission de la construction du Québec website or contact Customer Service at 1-888-842-8282.

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