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Regulation respecting halocarbons

Reports and logs to submit to the Ministère - Forms

Reports that must be submitted to the Ministère each year on the electronic halocarbon system platform.

  1. Annual halocarbon sales and/or distribution report (wholesalers) (French,  Excel, 1 KB)
  2. Annual return, processing and/or disposal of used halocarbons report (French,   Excel, 1 KB)
  3. Annual report of halocarbons imported for self-usage (French,   Excel, 1 KB)

Reports that must be submitted to the regional management of the Ministère of your regionThis hyperlink will open in a new window..

  1. Annual release of halocarbons into the environment in amounts greater than 10 kg) (French,  Excel, 38 KB)
  2. Report on the release of more than 10 kg of liquid halocarbons (must be reported without delay) (French,  Excel, 65 KB)
  3. Report on the functioning of defective refrigeration or air conditioning equipment with output in excess of 20 kW–justifications (French,  Excel, 47 KB)

Work logs must be given to the owner of the unit and kept for 5 years by the worker and the owner.

  1. Recovery, maintenance and dismantling work log

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