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Urgence-Environnement, the environmental emergency service

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A quick, effective response

Every day, our environment is exposed to situations that jeopardize its balance. If future generations are to benefit from our natural resources, we must be more aware of the pressures placed on the environment and take effective steps to protect it. Where delay can cause irreparable harm to the environment, immediate action is necessary. Via URGENCE- ENVIRONNEMENT, the Ministère can intervene throughout Québec, 24 hours a day, to reduce the consequences of an environmental emergency to a minimum.

The Ministère’s environmental emergency service can be reached at any time by calling 418-643-4595 or toll free, 1-866-694-5454.

Technical advice

In general, Urgence-Environnement intervenes by providing technical advice. In Québec, each municipality is responsible for responding to emergencies within its territory. Urgence-Environnement ensures that all necessary steps are taken in due time to protect the environment. In major environmental emergencies, government response is coordinated by the Organisation de la sécurité civile du Québec.

Regional teams

With its regional teams, Urgence-Environnement is ready to respond at any time, anywhere in Québec.

The Ministère has all the specialized equipment needed to respond to almost all of the emergency situations brought to its attention. In addition, each regional office has the most frequently-used equipment on hand.

Three mobile laboratories, including the TAGA, a technologically-sophisticated analytical unit, can be rushed to the scene of a major emergency. The Ministère also purchased, in 1993, a mobile command post (MCP) to increase the effectiveness of its on-site response.



Where required, Urgence-Environnement can request assistance from a number of other organizations:

  • Organisation de la sécurité civile du Québec and Organisation régionale de la sécurité civile
  • municipal police forces
  • the Sûreté du Québec
  • fire prevention services
  • health services
  • Environment Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • the Canadian Coast Guard
  • port authorities
  • private businesses

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